Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 Months

Penny pretending to feed herself
Reading on her jungle gym working the tongue

Happy little bugger
Waiting on grandma and grandpa (Rosco was beside her until the camera came out)
Pulled up on the ottoman

This past month Penny began pulling herself up as she wished and just recently began cruising around the coffee table. No doubt she should be walking in the very near future. She still hasn't figured out how to get down gracefully yet, so this has caused some tumbles for her (thats about the only time she will really cuddle, so its ok for now). She is usually very good around other kids, she has even comforted some crying babies in the Creepers class at church. However, she may show a little Napoleon complex from time to time because she can be a little bit of a bully regardless of her smaller stature. I see both of these as good traits. She does have one distinct trait from daddy, when she sets her mind on something, her tongue comes out in concentration. We don't have any measurements, but she's continuing to grow because clothes keep getting tighter on her. Her only other first this past month was that she got to take 2 rides on the vomit comet when only daddy was home, fun for me. She continues to jabber up a storm, however, she can be shy at first around anyone except mommy and daddy. Until next time, God bless.