Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This month's pictures were taken while visiting the grandparents for Thanksgiving. We quickly learned that Penny is typically very good at emulating whoever she is taking a picture with.

Penny loving on great-grandma Flynn with a big, cheesy smile

Chillin' with great-grandpa Nichols in the recliner

Mischevious smile while yanking great-grandma Scott around

Giving her best impression of great-great-grandma Reed

And the priceless dead-on look of great-great-grandpa Reed. On that same note, she does a good impression of her great-uncle Doug, who will look just like grandpa Reed if he makes it to 95.
Penny isn't doing too many new things this month, but she is getting a lot better at what she does. She is still very close to crawling and sitting up, we're a little suprised that she hasn't quite done either yet. She is eating cereal very well now, she loves her rice cereal. Emily and I can get her to laugh most anytime unless other people are present. She is very stingy with her laugh so far and she is just starting to give others smiles freely (if she feels like it). Our next Dr. appt isn't for a couple weeks so we don't have a definite weight, but she's somewhere between 12 1/2 and 13 lbs, much smaller than her 7 month old cohorts, but big to us. I will update again after Christmas, so for those I won't see before then, have a safe and merry Christmas season.