Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Holiday Season

1. Penny with her new guitar from grandma Flynn, hopefully she has mommy's musical talent
2. Cheese!
3. Rosco wearing Penny's new chef apron
4. Ready to go in her ultra-cute peacoat and hat
5. Now that we're done talking pics for the Christmas card Penny decides to smile
6. Whipping up dinner in her new kitchen and chef outfit
7. Pay no attention to the stain on the front of her shirt, she's happy
8. Sporting her new hat, handmade by Emily's co-worker
9. Showing off her new chef outfit (from Uncle Dustin and Aunt Emily) to Dylan
10. Good family photo from the Phipps Christmas
11. Cheesing with daddy's hat
12. One of the Christmas card rejects, that's about how the whole photo shoot went
13. Looking cute and ready to go see the trains at the State Museum and Eiteljorg
14. Chez Penny
15. Opening Christmas gifts with grandma Phipps

Over the past few months Penny keeps saying more and more.  She repeated "genius" with her own flair of "I a genius."  Still working on the grammar, but she's got the idea along with a lack of self-esteem issues with that attitude.  She refuses to say "I love you," but will reply without hesitation "I love football."  To her future husband (25-30+ years from now), YOU'RE WELCOME.  She is getting to the point where she can repeat just about anything you say.  At one point her "uh oh" and "oh no" became "uh no."  She is almost always a little joy, but occasionally we get to see her temper flare up (must've got that from mommy).  She eats incredibly healthy for a toddler, unfortunately that doesn't elicit weight gain.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that she hit 20 lbs before she's 2, we're more that ready to turn her car seat around, but she just won't cooperate.  The holidays were fun, and fortunately Penny didn't get too spoiled by the grandparents.  Emily and I bought her 3 gifts and she was over opening them before the 2nd was done, hopefully thats a good sign of things to come.  Until next time, everyone have a safe and happy New Year.