Monday, September 20, 2010

Penny's Progress

1. Penny at our gym, Blast Fit, deadlifting 115#
2. Cheesing outside on our small patio
3. Closed her bedroom door and found a book to read.
4. Walking around on the patio
5. Riding the hotrod and reading simultaneously
6. Fake smile in her high-chair
7. Play time with her bff (not bf, at least not for another 23.5 yrs), Eli
8. Looking darling in an outfit her great-uncle Tim got her
9. Posing in an outfit that daddy picked out.
10. Diaper twins, Penny and Rosco

Over the past few months Penny has mastered walking and has moved on to climbing.  She climbs into the warming drawer of the oven, onto the couch, in her grocery cart, on our glider, on top of her picnic table, on the coffee table, and anywhere she can get to.  She also likes to surf on her hotrod (see above picture) while holding onto the coffee table.  She has definitely picked up a stubborn streak and typically laughs when we try any type of discipline.  Unfortunately, she has fallen on her weight growth curve some and we have had to put her on pediasure to help her gain weight.  She's about 18 lbs now, but we're trying everything we can to get her to gain quicker, she's just so active though that its hard to keep up.  That's about all from this side of the post for now.