Sunday, April 25, 2010

1 Year!

Penny with her personal cake made by great grandma Scott.
Sporting her new tutu and flower headband given to her by uncle Dustin and aunt Emily.
Hanging out at her new picnic table thanks to grandma and grandpa Nichols.
Chillin' with her cousins Brittany and Julia.
Easter lunch at the Gusthof.
Birthday morning, this took about 10 tries and 2 wake-ups to get a smile.
Loving on her friend Eli.  Maybe in 24 more years they can date.

Opening more birthday gifts, she really seemed to enjoy opening her presents.
She didn't really smash into her cake, but she had fun with the ice cream.
Getting her birthday gift from mom and dad.  A new space saver high chair, I know, we went all out.

This past month Penny has gotten her first tooth.  And my, did that change the demeanor of our sweet little girl.  We think she is cutting more than the one, but no others have popped through yet.  She hasn't quite taken that first step yet, but she is pushing her toys all around the house.  She's gotten very competent at it regardless of how the toy is facing, she pushes it frontward, backward, sideways, and cockeyed.  She had a developmental pediatric appt earlier in the month and they said she was an ideal premie.  She is now at about 15 1/2 lbs and 25 1/2 inches.  She is also jabbering like you would expect of any female.  Her favorite words are any dad variation, dog, and duck.  It has been a blessed year for us, hopefully with many more to come.