Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Just a quick update.  Penny has now started to walk.  On the 4th of July, she decided to stand and take a few steps towards mommy.  Of course, I was at the firehouse on overtime and missed it.  So they both came to visit me the next day so that I could see her new trick.  She still prefers crawling because it is faster, but she has started walking.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Long Time No Blog


Pictures L-R, top down:
1. Rosco and Penny switched attire for a couple hours, they're both looking at each other like "what are you doing in my threads?"
2. 4 generation pic with Great-Grandpa Clodfelter, Grandma Phipps, Momma, and Penny
3. Penny in Daddy's fire helmet, we took this as a comparison shot to one taken last July, at that time she was engulfed by the helmet (see Month 3 blog post), now she can barely get her little booty in there.
4. Cute pic of our little sweetheart on the front of Daddy's fire engine.
5. The little monkey climbing up on her picnic table.
6. Penny enjoying the sun and water, she really seems to love the water.
7. She also likes to swing, she had a ball in that little swing.

The past couple months have flown by and kept us busy.  Penny now has 3 teeth grown in and 2 more sprouting.  I love her 3 tooth smile (2 front bottom and 1 big front tooth), it gives her a little bit of a hillbilly grin.  She is now feeding herself most of the time, she takes a morning and nighttime bottle, but everything in between she wants little to no help with.  She's growing and getting bigger, haven't weighed her since last time so I don't know exacts, but she's getting bigger.  She hasn't taken that first step just yet, but we know she possesses the ability, she's just stubborn (like Momma).  She can stand up in the middle of a room with no assistance and stand around for as long as she wants.  She can usually point to a picture if you ask her where so and so is.  She is jabbering like any girl.  I think she pointed to a picture of her and her cousin Dylan this morning and kept repeating "Dylan."  That's about all from our house for now.  Enjoy the summer.