Saturday, April 2, 2011

Its only been about 4 months since the last post

I figured I would try and update the blog once more before Penny turns 2 later this month.  She now has a rather extensive vocabulary, words like genius, einstein, amazing, grandma, and grandpa are commonly flowing from her lips.  Unfortunately, she is very versed in "no" also.  She is already starting to take a run at the terrible 2's and many times I wonder where my sweet, even keeled little girl has gone.  As most of you know, Emily is expecting and is now about 15 weeks along, we should be finding out the sex around the time of Penny's 2nd birthday.  I don't think Penny has yet grasped the concept that she will be a big sister later this year, but she'll figure it out once she isn't getting 100% of the attention.  Let's hope that process goes smoothly.  As for this posts' pictures:
1. Penny gets a 2-point take-down on Eli
2. Leaning in to give Eli a kiss, she needs to slow play this for about another 23 years
3. Cheesing and saying "giddyup" while on Rosco's back
4. She really loves her puppy
5. Practicing potty time while reading and brushing her teeth.  She's showing off her new book that her cousin Benjamin sent her.
6. Moshing with a mohawk
7. Mohawk is about all that can be done with her hair still at this time
8. Checking out Dylan's new birthday gift
9. Penny loves to try on daddy's hats, this is her wearing my class A hat for my fire dept dress uniform
10. She is also into shoes (great), wearing daddy's five finger toe shoes

I'm sure that I am forgetting something, but I can't think of any other news from this Nichols' household.  Until next time.