Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Penny


1. Penny opening gifts with mommy on her 2nd birthday
2. Crawling through her new tunnel (thank you grandpa and grandma Phipps) with her new Jessie doll (thank you Dylan, and Dustin & Emily too)
3. New outfit, she just loves having pockets
4. Birthday shirt and skirt
5. Cheesing with a dandelion in her ear
6. Converted big-girl bed
7. She's all the gift we need
8. Most (more than half) of the extended cousins from the Nichols' side

Penny turned 2 recently and is a bundle of energy.  She talks a whole lot and fairly clearly.  She has a passion for Toy Story and Tangled, we watch them at least a few times each week.  She has done great with the conversion of her bed and we are now slowly working of potty training.  It would be nice if the latter part was as easy as the bed conversion.  Penny is also expecting a baby sister to come in September, she hasn't shown any interest in sharing the spotlight, so this could be a fun transition.  There isn't much else to report from the Nichols' household.  Until next time...